Raw Sausages

Fresh Protein

We know where our meat comes from.


Most of the meat products we carry are raised on our own family farms or from ranchers we know and trust.


Much is certified organic and managed with sustainable practices where animals have access to pasture, there are no cages, crates or crowding, and where there’s an enriched environment that takes comfort and overall well-being into account.

These are an easy option for the grill on a busy week night.

Which night of the week do you do seafood??

Need something different to throw on the grill today??

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Alligater sausage, pork & shrimp sausage, brisket sausage, jalapeno sausage, apple gouda sausage, hot links & MORE!! 

Smoked Sausage
Surf with Carve

Swordfish, Mero Seabass, Deep Sea Red Sweet Crab, Fresh Ono & MORE!!

Chicken Grillers

Roasted Garlic, Bourbon Peach, Whiskey, Honey Garlic and/or many more flavors are fully stocked NOW!